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Robert Bosch’un değerleri doğrultusunda, şirketin güçlü ve anlamlı gelişimini garanti altına alıp mali bağımsızlığını koruyarak geleceğini güvence altına almak temel hedefimizdir.
Volkmar Denner’ın açıklamaları
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Volkmar Denner
Yeni misyon bildirimimiz ‘We are Bosch’ , bizi nelerin harekete geçirdiğini, ortak noktalarımızın neler olduğunu ve neyi temsil ettiğimizi açıklıyor. Biz sıradışı ve olağanüstü bir ekibiz ve dünyada kalıcı bir iz bırakmak istiyoruz.

Motivasyonumuz –
Bizi harekete geçirenler

Yaşam için teknoloji: Ürünlerimizin heyecan yaratmasını, yaşam kalitesini arttırmasını ve doğal kaynakların korunmasına katkıda bulunmasını istiyoruz.
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How do we make a lasting mark on a world which is increasingly complex and connected? By harnessing the power of connectivity and the internet of things to create solutions which improve the quality of life.
From London, to the Inca city of Machu Picchu, to Shanghai: This image film shows how our products spark enthusiasm worldwide, improve quality of life, and conserve natural resources.
What looks like pie in the sky today will very soon be reality. From fridges to smoke detectors, all the appliances and devices in the home will be connected. Bosch is in an excellent position to realize the smart home of the future.
“Sometimes it’s almost impossible to focus on the road.” Bus driver Marcus Linde from Sweden drives children to school every day. At any time, he can rely on sensors and ESP.
In all our activities, we focus on improving quality of life. The connected Vivatmo device for measuring the inflammation of the airways is one example. For anyone who has asthma it can bring more confidence in their daily life.
In India, the demand for two-wheelers is increasing rapidly. In many cities, however, air pollution is already at critical levels. Indian engineers are continuously working on improving Bosch’s electronic engine management systems (EMS), and by doing so, are contributing to improving quality of life.

Stratejik odak noktalarımız –
Bizi başarıya götürenler

  • Müşteriye odaklanmak
    Müşterilerimizin ne istediğini biliyor, ürünlerimizi onlara göre uyarlıyor ve yenilikçi iş modelleri oluşturuyoruz.
    The Bosch start-up Coup took up the challenge of finding a solution for the pain points of urban mobility. Its e-scooter sharing concept has now successfully launched in several European cities.
    Can’t find your car keys? Bosch has the solution: turn your smartphone into a key. Perfectly Keyless, our simple digital vehicle access system, puts an end to frayed nerves.
    Watching a film can take the boredom out of bus journeys. From an extensive databank, passengers can stream movies or series on their mobile devices, thanks to Bosch’s Coach MediaRouter.
    With its Wireless Charging System, Bosch is presenting a new dimension in charging technology and providing new ways to make working with cordless tools efficient, cost-saving, and time-saving.
    About a year ago, Zander Brown was diagnosed with diabetes. But now the family is again leading an almost normal life. They have a very special nine-year-old to thank for this – as well as a bit of help from Bosch’s Packaging Technology division.
    mySPIN is the easy way to link smartphones to vehicles' infotainment systems. It allows users to continue using their favorite apps as they would normally, without compromising safety.
  • Değişime yön vermek
    Değişime yön veriyor ve özellikle bağlanabilirlik, elektromobilite, enerji verimliliği, otonom alanlarında ve büyüyen pazarlarda oluşan fırsatları kullanıyoruz.
    The future of mobility involves many concepts and ideas, one of which is automated driving. This has long since left the science-fiction realm to become a very real innovation that will make our lives easier and more enjoyable.
    For agribusinesses, the Precision Livestock System is a game-changer. This intelligent cattle-weighing system gives farmers reliable and frequent data on which to base their decisions.
    Thanks to the internet, industry is on the verge of a fourth revolution. The Blaichach plant already has many years of experience of working in a manufacturing network. The processes that are emerging there now will change tomorrow’s world.
    “If you want to achieve something great, you need a special drive unit!” The Bosch eBike Systems business unit has become the European market leader for e-bike systems.
    The world is changing, and mobility is changing with it. As vehicles become automated, electrified, and connected, they will increasingly take on the role of personal assistants. Join us for some crystal ball-gazing.
  • Mükemmellik arayışı
    Kendimizi en güçlü rakiplerimize göre değerlendiriyoruz. Hızlı, çevik ve hassas çalışıyoruz. Etkili süreçlerle,yalın yapılarla ve yüksek verimlilikle şirketin değerini güvenceye alıyor ve artırıyoruz.
    Experience Bosch Rexroth technology at greater heights: in 2020, NASA will set out to the next mission to Mars ‒ and Bosch is providing that extra swing. Check out the spectacular maneuver over Hawaii and meet aerospace engineer Erich Klein, who is testing the landing method that will someday bring humans to Mars.
    Data mining is a key competence for the future. Xiahan Shi writes code that turns mountains of data into useful knowledge. Her algorithms can predict things such as which cars will need to go to the workshop and when, and what will be wrong with them.
    The use of extremely short laser pulses opens up new perspectives in series production. The concentrated power of these lasers allows any material to be processed quickly, precisely, and economically, and this on a mass scale.
    The Bosch plant in Bari, Italy, is the winner of the EFQM Excellence Award 2014, and thus the overall winner of the competition. It is the first Italian organization to win the overall award in the “large enterprises” category.
    “The most successful ideas are usually the most straightforward ones,” says Gökçe Çetin Gürbüz from Manisa, Turkey. And she is certainly successful: she filed her first patent at the age of just 27.

Güçlü yönlerimiz – Iyi yaptıklarımız

  • Bosch kültürü
    Bizi bütün dünyada eşsiz bir şirket kültürü birleştiriyor. Değerlerimizle yaşıyor ve sürekli iyileştirme için çabalıyoruz. Bosch’ta çalıştığımız için gurur duyuyoruz.
    Hackathons, hack days, and hack challenges are no longer unusual at Bosch. To make sure we create the best possible solutions, we draw on creative minds and experts inside and outside our company.
    Three years after the groundbreaking ceremony on Robert Bosch's 150th birthday, the “UWC Robert Bosch College” officially opened its doors to students. 200 talented students of various nationalities will live and learn here together.
    Competing with teams from around the world in self-designed and self-built race cars – that’s “Formula Student.” For a number of years, Bosch has been offering selected teams support in the shape of expert workshops, vehicle trials, money, and components.
    Bosch is offering an additional 100 places on its technical vocational training schemes to young people from southern Europe. The initiative is a response to high rates of youth unemployment.
    Since 1999, Bosch has been employing the services of retired former associates. They work for a limited period on projects or in a consultative capacity. In Germany, Ernst Gründler is one of them.
  • İnovasyon
    Yaratıcılığımız, yeni teknolojik çözümleri en çok satılan ürünlere dönüştürmede temel teşkil ediyor. Biz inovasyonun lideriyiz.
    Parking is a major pain point of urban mobility. Community-based Parking offers a solution: crowd-sourced parking information delivered in real time to anyone who needs it.
    Bosch’s own “Stanford”: in Renningen, Bosch has created the perfect conditions for connecting people and know-how. The focus is on applied research. Ideas are always developed with an eye to a specific product and the customer.
    A home which is awake before we are. The possibility to be virtually present in our office before we arrive. And the aim to share our knowledge and to make use of our opportunities - this is the world of Bosch Energy and Building Technology.
    MSC motorcycle stability control offers the best possible safety for motorcyclists. The system’s safety benefits are especially evident in bends, which is where almost half of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur.
    The active parking lot management system takes away the hassle of looking for a parking space. From now on, drivers can use a smartphone app to search for available parking spaces in the vicinity. A simple click is all it takes to guide drivers to their destination.
    What will driving a car be like ten years from now? That’s what Lutz Bürkle is trying to find out. His vision: a future without traffic accidents. Bürkle is working on an assistance system that can take evasive action to prevent up to 58 percent of car-pedestrian collisions.
  • Mükemmel kalite
    Yüksek kaliteli ve çok güvenilir ürünler sunuyoruz. Böylece müşterilerimizin istek ve beklentilerini karşılıyoruz.
    Gingerbread should be spicy and moist – and stay that way for as long as possible. This calls for clever recipes just as much as for good packaging. In a large commercial bakery in southern Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology makes sure that everything tastes as it should.
    Mario Tito has a mission: entertainment. The announcer gets spectators fired up in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. To make sure that everybody can hear him, Mario has to be able to rely on good loudspeakers.
    Even if 99 of 100 muffins are perfect, the experts at Bosch Household Appliances still start all over again. They keep testing until their appliances have learned the perfect baking program. The Bosch experts always strive for 100 percent.
    18 million glow plugs a year, without one single defect. The associates in Rodez, France, are proud of this achievement. They care passionately about quality.
  • Küresel Varlığımız
    Biz uluslararası bir şirketiz. Küresel varlığımızı sürekli genişletirken, yerel sorumluluklarımızı da güçlendiriyoruz.
    Thanks to the Bosch ProSyst IoT platform, oyster farmers in Australia can use their smartphones to pinpoint the ideal time to harvest. They no longer have to analyze water samples or hope the weather forecasts are correct.
    Winter in the Norwegian town of Rjukan had long been dark. For six months of the year, the sun doesn’t peek over the mountains. But now three enormous mirrors reflect the sun’s rays into the valley – thanks to Bosch Rexroth technology.
    1 billion people, 54 countries, rapid economic growth – everyone’s gaze is fixed on Africa, the world’s second largest continent and a growth market which offers Bosch countless opportunities.
    It all began unspectacularly, with the testing of injectors in almost empty machine shops. Today, more than 4,500 associates in Wuxi, China, manufacture over 3.6 million common-rail injectors each year.
    One-third of all the food does not reach the consumer. One reason is inadequate packaging. Bosch Packaging Technology and an industrial mill in Indonesia now tackle this problem.
    Using simple materials to make the Bosch brand better known in emerging markets: in Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, the Bosch logo was displayed in places such as the walls of buildings and bus stops.


  • Gelecek ve sonuç odaklılık
    Eylemlerimiz sonuç odaklıdır. Bu geleceğimizi güvence altına almamızı sağlıyor. Ayrıca şirketin ve vakfın sosyal sorumluluk inisiyatifleri için sağlam bir temel oluşturuyor.
  • Sorumluluk ve sürdürülebilirlik
    Şirketimizin faydası doğrultusunda sorumlu bir şekilde hareket ediyor ve yaptıklarımızın topluma ve çevreye olan etkilerini de göz önünde bulunduruyoruz.
  • İnisiyatif ve kararlılık
    İnisiyatif alarak hareket ediyor, girişimci sorumluluklar alıyor ve hedeflerimizin peşinden kararlılıkla gidiyoruz.
  • Açıklık ve güven
    Önemli şirket konularının iletişimini zamanında ve açıklıkla yapıyoruz. Böylece güvene dayalı bir işbirliğinin temelini oluşturuyoruz.
  • Adil davranış
    Çalışanlarımız ve iş ortaklarımızla adil bir şekilde çalışıyor ve bu adil yaklaşımı kurumsal başarımızın temel taşı olarak görüyoruz.
  • Güvenilirlik, İnandırıcılık, Yasalara uygunluk
    Sadece yerine getirebileceğimiz sözler veriyor ve vaat ettiklerimizi görevimiz olarak görüyoruz. Tüm iş ilişkilerimizde yasalara uygun hareket ediyoruz.
  • Çeşitlilik
    Çeşitliliğin getirdiği zenginliğin değerini biliyor ve başarımızın kaynağı olarak görüyoruz.
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